Rugs & Durries

Colours in life

Bring in touches of colour, personality and texture with handwoven Durries. Liften up your spirits by choosing the right colour from our collection. Colours can make you happy, sad, angry or melancholic. Pick up your Color and encourage a rural woman in her journey towards independence.

Patchwork Durries

Do you love shapes and patterns?
Beautiful handcrafted durries a combination of shapes and patterns sewn together with a needle. Creating exquisite durries with hands and creativity.

Games of the floor

Turn any floor space into an interactive experience with our Games on the floor Durries.  Intricately handmade with love for children who want to play on the floor. Ludo, Brainvita, memory games, chess and many more. Creating a fun, exciting and engaging experience for anyone who uses it.


Make Empty spaces come to life by Colourful Handwoven runners. Decorate small and narrow spaces be it walk-ins, stairs, laundry rooms, dressing areas, sides of the beds or large pantries  and bedrooms.