Block Printing

A local folklore about Ajrakh is full of stories. Some of these myths talk about how our Wooden Block Printing with hands, a Textile craft near little Rann of Kutch came to be known as ‘Ajrakh’.There was a king who loved to see new bedspreads every day. One fine day, one of his servants came in with a gift of bedspread with colourful and repetitive block prints on it. Struck by the beauty of the uniquely created blocks of colours placed symmetrically on the cloth, he welcomed it exclaiming, ‘Aaj rakh!’ Etymologically, ‘Ajrakh’ also means ‘Azrakh’ which is an Arabic name for the Indigo plant formerly used in Ajrakh, a type of resist printing initially.

Finest of Prints, a variety in design and myriad colour prints symbolizes Ajrakh. Ajrakh is a textile craft –an art of printing on the fabric. Ajrakh, as a textile craft originated in the 16th century and pioneered by the community named ‘Khatri’ which meant one who can fill or change colours. In fact the textile dominant hues of rich crimson and deep indigo colours were a contribution of this textile craft of ‘Azrak’, which means blue in Arabic and Persian.